Currency & Payments
Mexico uses Mexican Pesos.

Current rate is fluctuating around $19.00 pesos per US Dollar.

You should be able to pay using Master Cards and VISA credit cards pretty much everywhere, from hotels and grocery stores. American Express works but it is less accepted.

Unless you plan to purchase items from street vendors (which is NOT recommended) pocket money is NOT necessary.

If you plan to buy anything, please keep in mind prices at shops are final and already include Taxes.

About Cancun, Mexico
With 14 miles of magnificent white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters from the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is the ultimate vacation destination. With an array of world-class luxury hotels along its coast, it is no surprise Cancun welcomes an average of 10 Million tourists every year. This vibrant city, located in the Quintana Roo region of Mexico, offers endless possibilities of adventure - from daring water sports to an exuberant nightlife scene, and everything in between.
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